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Rest Area Free Quickie

by Taft Sinjin

This story will be completely published on my Tumblr and WordPress next week, available completely free.  Stay tuned!

The headlights on his car beamed across a sign on the interstate; rest stop ahead, one mile. Blake looked at the clock on his car’s dashboard. 12:27 am. He had been driving for about five hours since his last break and was ready to get out, stretch his legs, and piss.

The rest stop was empty except for a semi-truck parked far in the back of the lot. After pulling into a parking spot; Blake turned off his car, opened his car door, and stepped outside. The cold winter air swept up dusty snow around him as he walked towards the main entrance of the rest stop, pulled the heavy door open, and let it shut behind him with a crash.

The lobby contained a few vending machines full of junk food, a map, and a drinking fountain. He eyed the candy in the machine and made a mental note to get something after he pissed. After finding his current position on the map, he felt his full bladder push against his lower abdomen and made way for the men’s restroom.

After pushing open the door, he found he had the restroom to himself. He glanced at himself in the mirror. Pushing two hundred pounds, brown hair, green eyes, full beard, and a baby face. A quick check in the mirror told him he looked fine, though he sometimes wished he could get rid of an extra twenty pounds or so.

He walked over to the urinal, unzipped his fly, and pulled his dick out. Just as he began to piss, he heard the restroom door open. His mind wandered. At this time of night, he wasn’t sure who he was about to be alone with. The fear gave him a rush he hadn’t felt in awhile, and he looked over at the door as it swung closed.

A man that could only be the truck driver of the truck he saw as he pulled in walked into the restroom. Blake looked over at him, then back down to his urinal. He was built like he played football in high school, then gained about fifty pounds. Completely bald except for a gray goatee, he had to be in his early fifties.

However, the man continued to stare at Blake and didn’t move. Out of the corner of his eye, Blake could see the man began to undo his belt buckle. Blake’s dick began to get hard at the possibility of what was about to go down.

Just as Blake finished pissing and began to zip his fly back up, the man pulled his cock out of his jeans and began stroking in front of Blake. He’d never done this in a public restroom before. Sure, there were countless other random places he had sucked off a complete stranger, but a public restroom wasn’t one of them.

“What are you doing alone in a rest area this time of night, boy?”, the man said.

“Listen,” Blake said, “I’ve never done this in a public restroom before, I don’t want to get arrested.”

“So you suck cock?”, the man answered back, completely ignoring Blake’s worry.

Blake nodded. The man smiled and zipped his fly back up, “Who said anything about doing it in here? Let me fuck your throat in my rig.” He turned and left the restroom. Blake followed the man outside of the rest area lobby, through the parking lot, and was soon climbing into the semi-truck. 

… to be continued.

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